recruitment redefined

skills based feeds of businesses, careers, recruiters & hiring managers.

why BuSoCa?

Designed by a recruiter turned software developer, BuSoCa is the result of 2 decades of combined recruitment and software development experience. Our platform provides candidates access to technology which assists them to easily identity opportunities in their market based on their current experience. By providing highly relevant feeds of vacancies, hiring managers, recruiters and businesses to candidates, our service improves the quality of applications received through an online medium while reducing the cost to recruit.

job matches

A mixture of human consultancy and ai provide you with a feed of highly relevant opportunities, perfectly aligned with your skillset, desired firm types, position, sectors, industries, languages, qualifications and locations from approved businesses and hiring managers.

ai job search

We provide a unique job search experience which automatically performs extremely complex searches based on your skills profile to deliver you the most relevant vacancies on the market.


Your profile is private by default and only visible to hiring managers at firms which you apply to. You can revoke applications and access to your profile for individual companies / hiring managers as desired or delete all of your data entirely.


Our portal provides real time updates on your application status. Job Match vacancies are updated by our clients and by us so you will always know how your application is progressing.


Business & hiring manager / recruiter feeds provide you with recommendations of suitable potential employers / hiring managers in your market. Apply to current opportunities, make contact with key recruitment descision makers or make speculative applications to companies of interest. You don't need to dedicate time to developing your network, it is not connection based, instead, we match your skillset with companies and hiring managers who are likely to be of interest for your career progression.


Advertise your roles to our database of registered and approved candidates. Posting jobs can be as easy as pasting a link, our ai takes care of the rest.


Privately distribute your vacancies to professionals who have the skills required to fulfil the role.

google jobs

Jobs posted publicly are optimised for google jobs driving significant traffic when you need to hire as quickly as possible.

talent pools

Ensure your company and / or hiring managers are accessible to pre-screened professionals. Enable prospective employees to express interest in your business and tap in to your talent pool when vacancies arise.

company job board

A full text search and filterable job board for all of your company positions. Choose whether to include jobs on your public job board or privately distribute them to professionals based on their skills profile.

automated posting

Optionally automate adding all of the vacancies from your own website to reduce administration.

hiring manager profiles

Create individual hiring manager profile pages which display only the opporutnities they are recruiting, enabling candidates to easily identity the right point of contact in your organistion.

profile / data ownership

Hiring Manager / Recruiter profiles are directly linked to your company account and can be transferred to new employees should a hiring manager leave your organisation.


it's the most important thing you do, or it should be.

If you asked managers at large companies 'What is the single most important thing you do at work?' most would reflexively answer 'Go to meetings.' If you persisted - 'No, not the most boring thing you do at work, the most important - they would probably respond by spouting some of the standard principles they learned in business school, something about 'devising smart strategies and creating opportunistic synergies to accumulate accretive financial effects in an increasingly competitive market.' Now imagine asking the same question of the top sports coaches or general managers. They go to meetings all day too, yet they would probably say that the most important thing they do is draft, recruit, or trade for the best players they can. Smart coaches know that no amount of strategy can substitute for talent, and that is as true in business as it is on the field.

Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg,
How Google Works.


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